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  • XIIIe Ecole de Cosmologie

    Du 12 au 18 novembre

    XIIIe Ecole de Cosmologie Ecole thématique du CNRS organisée par François Bouchet (IAP) et Roland Triay (CPT) This school, which is open to international students, has as objectives the reciprocal (...)

  • Problèmes inverses et domaines associés

    Du 23 au 24 novembre

    5th workshop on the analysis of PDEs, with a strong emphasis on the study of inverse problems and control theory, to be held at the Fédération des Unités de Mathématiques de l’Agglomération (...)

  • CosmoBack

    Du 28 au 31 mai 2018

    From Inhomogeneous gravity to cosmological back-reaction : Theoretical opportunity ? Observational evidence ?, co-organized by Thomas Schucker (CPT) CosmoBack is the opportunity to bring (...)

  • NetSci 2018

    Du 11 au 15 juin 2018

    NetSci 2018, the flagship conference of the Network Science Society, aims to bring together leading researchers and practitioners working in the emerging area of network science. The conference (...)