2nd Conference on Finite Dimensional Integrable Systems - FDIS13
July 15-19, 2013 - CIRM (Marseille)

Image:L’Estaque, vue du golfe de Marseille,
                    Paul Cézanne


  • Symplectic, Poisson geometry and integrability
  • Separation of variables: Killing tensors, bi-Hamiltonian structures
  • Integrable geodesic flows on Riemann and Finsler manifolds
  • Integrable systems on Lie algebras and symmetric spaces
  • Discrete integrable systems, relations to cluster algebra
  • Differential Galois groups and integrability
  • Quantum integrability and quantization procedures
  • Applications in geometry
  • Applications to mathematical physics


International Scientific Committee
O. Babelon (Paris), R.L. Bryant (Berkeley), V. Matveev (Jena), V. Ovsienko (Lyon1), T. S. Ratiu (Lausanne)

Organizing Committee
Christian Duval (CPT), Serge Tabachnikov (Penn-State), Galliano Valent (LPTHE)