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  • Endowed Chair in Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics (Marseille)
    A*Midex Foundation and Aix-Marseille University
    Deadline : 10 June 2019
    Job description : Three-year tenure-track professorship in lattice quantum chromodynamics with up to 200 kE/year in start-up funds
    The A*Midex Foundation and Aix-Marseille University invite applications of outstanding candidates for a three-year, tenure-track professorship in lattice quantum chromodynamics at the Centre de Physique Théorique (CPT) in Marseille (http://www.cpt.univ-mrs.fr/?lang=en).
    The applicant is expected to be an internationally recognized expert in lattice quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and its applications to particle physics, hadronic physics and/ or nuclear physics. In addition to a first-rate background in particle physics and quantum field theory, the applicant is expected to have a high level of proficiency in numerical methods and massively parallel simulations. The successful applicant will be expected to contribute to the research effort of the CPT team, in particular in its work with the Budapest-Marseille-Wuppertal collaboration. S/he will also be expected to open new research directions. The successful candidate will further be expected to supervise student research projects and PhD theses, as well as to direct the work of postdoctoral fellows, but also to contribute to the funding and computer time applications of the team. In addition, it is anticipated that the successful candidate will apply for personal fellowships, such as those proposed by the European Research Council.
    In regards to teaching, the successful candidate will initially be expected to contribute in a limited fashion to courses in physics at the bachelor, masters and/or PhD level. In the longer term, s/he will be expected to contribute to the strengthening of the course offering in physics, scientific computing, numerical methods and data analysis.
    The position comes with up to 200 kE/year of start-up funds that can be used to hire postdoctoral fellows, to fund PhD students, for equipment, etc. Hiring will be done at the Professor level ("professeur 2ème classe"). Salary is negotiable on the corresponding pay scale. The opening of a tenured professorship, to which the candidate will be invited to apply, is guaranteed before the end of the tenuring period, which can be extended two years if necessary.
    The formal application procedure is detailed under position "SCIENCES 79881" at https://drh.univ-amu.fr/recrutement-cddcdi-lru
    Information requests about the position should be addressed to Laurent Lellouch (lellouch AT cpt.univ-mrs.fr)


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