Centre de Physique Théorique


Mercredi 18 décembre 2019

11h00 – 12h00, Amphi 5

ANNULÉ - (reporté au prochain semestre) Adiabatic transitions in a two-level system coupled to a Bose field.

Alain Joye, Institut Fourier, Grenoble

We consider a slowly varying time dependent two-level system coupled to a Bose field in such a way that the instantaneous coupling is energy conserving and characterised by a regular radial form factor. We compute the transition probability from one eigenstate of the two-level system times the field vacuum to the other eigenstate at some later time as a function of the adiabatic parameter and coupling strength, and analyse the deviations from the adiabatic transition probability obtained in absence of field.
This is joint work with Marco Merkli and Dominique Spehner.