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Actualités scientifiques

  • Roger Penrose Nobel Prize 2020

    A prestigious friend of the CPT has received the 2020 Nobel Prize for his work on black hole physics. Roger Penrose has given a tremendous amount of contributions to science, and his ideas are highly influential for some of the research done in our lab. His close ties with the CPT have materialized in his visit to our local master program in 2014 and his participation in the local conference Twistors Meet Loops organized by the quantum gravity team in 2019.
    The Centre de Physique Théorique (...)

  • Tomasso de Lorenzo won the 2020 Giulio Rampa...

    Tomasso de Lorenzo won the 2020 Giulio Rampa Thesis Prize for Outstanding Research in General Relativity.
    From the committee :
    "Dr. De Lorenzo’s thesis, “Black holes as a Gateway to Quantum : Classical and Semi-classical Explorations” masters an impressive range of topics in quantum gravity, providing novel insights into deep conceptual problems of classical and quantum black holes physics. The fresh point of view discussed by Tommaso De Lorenzo has already influenced several existing (...)

  • Alain Barrat awarded Fellowship of the NetSci Society

    Alain Barrat (statistical physics and complex systems team) has been awarded the title of Fellow of the NetSci Society "for his many key and seminal contributions to complex network theory and to the understanding of their dynamical properties, including the most recent advancements to the theory of simplicial complexes in social contagions."


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