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Séminaires Interactions Fondamentales

Séminaire organisé par les quatre équipes du groupe Interactions fondamentales.

Responsable : Federico Piazza
Jour dédié : le vendredi à 14h00
Lieu : CPT, amphithéâtre du 5ème étage
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Vendredi 5 mai

14h00 – 15h00, Amphi 5 du CPT

Strange charge, magnetism, and spin in the proton

Jeremy Green (DESY)

The proton is a bound state of quarks and gluons, interacting as described by the theory of quantum chromodynamics (QCD). Beyond the valence (uud) quark content, quantum fluctuations also allow strange quarks to contribute to the structure of the proton. Using lattice QCD, ab initio calculations of proton structure can be performed. However, studying strange quarks in the proton has been difficult because this requires the computationally challenging stochastic estimation of disconnected diagrams. We have found that a new technique called hierarchical probing is highly effective at reducing noise in disconnected diagrams. Results will be shown from a recent calculation that obtained a clear signal, for the first time, for the proton strange vector and axial form factors. From these we determine the contribution from strange quarks to the proton’s charge radius, magnetic moment, and spin.

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