Ecole de Physique des Astroparticules
10 -15 septembre 2007
OHP, Saint Michel l'Observatoire

La Physique des Astroparticules

Mesure du rayonnement cosmique en environnement spatial

Pierre Brun
Laboratoire d'Annecy le Vieux de Physique des Particules (L

The Earth's atmosphere is a very efficient shield avoiding the major part of cosmic high energy particles and nuclei to reach the ground untouched. In the GeV to TeV region, precise and long-lived cosmic radiation measurement experiment must take place in space. I will recall why this specific energy range is important for constraining cosmic ray propagation models as well as for new physics searches. I this talk I will give a review of the experimental challenges related to this kind of measurements. The upcoming AMS02 experiment will be described, as well as some possibilities regarding indirect searches for dark matter and background estimates. An overview of the PAMELA space mission will also be given, together with some of its first results.


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