IVth School of Astroparticle Physics
May 27th - June 1st, 2013
OHP, Saint Michel l'Observatoire

Gravitational Waves

Tutorials on data analysis 

University of Leicester


I will provide an introduction to the Swift gamma-ray and X-ray data analysis, together with an overview of how to use the XSPEC spectral fitting package.

  1. Swift-BAT
  2. Swift-XRT
  3. Spectral fitting in XSPEC


The tutorial on the Swift software will cover the basics of the gamma-ray and X-ray analysis tools, together with the fitting of spectra in the XSPEC package. The tutorial will go through all the steps from obtaining and processing the Swift data, to fitting the spectra in XSPEC.

If possible, the students should install the Swift software (part of the HEASOFT software) and the relevant calibration database, although remote access to the CALDB may be possible. When downloading the HEASOFT software, make sure to include XSPEC. The software is available for both Linux and Mac users, under various operating systems. Notes are provided on the software download page given above.
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