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Statistical Physics and Complex Systems

contact : contact-stat-phys@cpt.univ-mrs.fr

The Statistical Physics and Complex Systems is composed of the teams:

statistical physics
phase transitions
open systems
complex networks
interdisciplinary applications

The activities of the “Statistical Physics and Complex Systems” team revolve around three broad directions, which cover a large area of statistical physics. The first one deals with rigorous statistical mechanics and in particular with the study of phase transition phenomena for exactly solvable models and/or from a geometrical point of view. The second deals with statistical mechanics of open quantum systems out of equilibrium and the development of models and analytical tools to study the corresponding non-equilibrium stationary states. In the third research direction, we study the statistical physics of complex systems and complex networks: our studies go from the structure of networks to the study of dynamical processes taking place on them, and focuses particularly on the case of temporal network. As the network paradigm can be used to describe many systems of different origins and nature, our research has natural links with other disciplines, in particular epidemiology, computer science, social sciences, neurosciences.

The team is also affiliated with the CENTURI Institute (Turing Center for living systems). Since 2019, 3 PIs funded by CENTURI are hosted by the team. Their research topic concern collective effects and self-organisation in living systems, out-of-equilibrium fluctuations in living matter, and neurosciences. The Pis interact with experimental teams in the IBDM and in the INMED.

The methods used by the team’s members range from rigorous mathematical tools to numerical simulations and empirical data analysis, through the whole toolkit of approximations standardly used in statistical physics.