Centre de Physique Théorique


Tuesday 17 May 2022

Les Rencontres de Physique des Particules

We have the pleasure to announce the 2022 session of the Rencontres de Physique des Particules (RPP) meeting that will be held at the Institute Denis Poisson, University of Tours, from 17 to 19 May 2022.

Les Rencontres de Physique des Particules is an annual meeting of scientists working in France in the field of high energy theoretical physics. It provides the participants with the opportunity not only to present their research topics but also to make contact with the latest developments in adjacent fields: hadronic physics, QCD, electroweak physics, leptons and flavours, theories beyond the standard model, astro-particle physics, etc. The talks are expected to be addressed to people outside the collaboration(s) and focus on the salient issues of the topic.

Registration will be open until April 24, 2022. We invite interested participants to also submit an abstract for a talk (20 minutes) in the section "Abstract submission". The deadline for abstract submission is May 3, 2022.

Further information and registration procedure can be found on the RPP website