Centre de Physique Théorique


Mercredi 11 novembre 2020

14h00 – 15h00, online-

Adiabatic transitions in a two-level system coupled to a free Boson reservoir

Alain Joye, Institut Fourier, Grenoble

We consider a time-dependent two-level quantum system interacting with a free Boson reservoir. The coupling is energy conserving and depends slowly on time, as does the system Hamiltonian, with a common adiabatic parameter ε. Assuming that the system and reservoir are initially decoupled, with the reservoir in equilibrium at temperature T ≥ 0, we compute the transition probability from one eigenstate of the two-level system to the other eigenstate as a function of time, in the regime of small ε and small coupling constant λ. We analyse the deviation from the adiabatic transition probability obtained in absence of the reservoir. Joint work with Marco Merkli and Dominique Spehner