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Robert Coquereaux

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I was trained simultaneousy in physics and mathematics and got my degrees in theoretical physics, mostly in the area of perturbative quantum field theory (renormalisation) and particle physics. After having worked for a few years in field theory (electromagnetic, weak and strong interactions) but also in general relativity I turned to differential geometry (fiber bundles, connections) and applications to theories of fundamental interactions (geometry of gauge fields, gravity, dimensional reduction, etc.) but also for its own sake. Years later I became interested in conformal field theory and in its underlying algebraic structures: quantum groups, quantum spaces, theory of representations of affine Lie algebras, fusion categories, etc. My recent work is mostly concerned with the theory of intertwining operators (generalized nJ symbols) and representations for Lie or affine Lie algebras, with the study of fusion algebras, modular categories, etc., and on a theory of hyper-representations.
I have also an interest in other kinds of combinatorial problems (like counting curves on surfaces) and on computer algebra programming, Lisp, Mathematica, etc.


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