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Serge Lazzarini

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  • Team : Geometry, Physics, and Symmetries
  • Function(s) :
    University faculty
    Chef de l’équipe « Géométrie, Physique et Symétries »
    Web editor
  • Tutorship : Aix-Marseille Université
  • Grade : Professeur des Universités 1ère Classe
  • Phone : +
  • Email : serge.lazzarini at cpt.univ-mrs.fr
  • Office : 422
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My current research topics are in mathematical physics and concern symmetries in fundamental interactions. In particular, the reduction of conformal symmetry in Cartan geometry for General Relativity, a new approach with Lie algebroids for a new formulation of Yang-Mills-Higgs gauge theories in relation with the standard model of particle physics. I also study symmetries of some non-linear Schroedinger equation, like the Newton-Schroedinger in the framework of Bargmann geometry.


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