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The CPT sometimes offers posts for the recruitment of researchers. Thank you for visiting this page regulary.

Open positions

Two MCF positions in Physics-Mathematical-Physics (section 25-26) will be open from the next academic year 2020/ 21 at the University of Toulon/ Center of theoretical Physics (CPT-UMR 7332).

Job profil: “Quantum dynamics and spectral analysis”

  • Teaching: the recruited person will mainly teach Mathematics at the Department of Economics of the Faculty of Economics and Management, in Bachelor of Economics and Management / Master of Economics and also in courses within the framework pedagogical support. This person will be able to participate to Master degree courses in Mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences.
  • Research: The recruited person will join the "Quantum Dynamics and Spectral Analysis" team of the CPT. She should have a solid experience in spectral theory, in the analysis of linear/nonlinear partial differential equations. On the other hand, she will have to be able to work with physicists (theorists and experimenters). It is required a good experience in mathematical problems related to physics, for example in kinetic theory, in graphene models, waveguides, stratified media, field theory etc.
    Skills on digital aspects which are not limited to the use of software but also to its development will be appreciate. The recruited person will have to develop collaborations within the framework of the main research axis of the University of Toulon: "Sea Environment Sustainable Development" to strengthen it at the national / international level.

Job profil: “Dynamical systems”

  • Teaching: The person recruited will teach at the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of the Faculty of Sciences in Bachelor of Mathematics and Master of Mathematics / MEEF. She/he will have to participate in the development of new teaching methods (digital aspects) in particular for the Licence’s degree at the university. She/he will have to participate to promotional activities of the University of TOULON near future students
  • Research: The recruited person will join the "dynamic systems, theories and applications" team of the CPT. The Laboratory wishes to recruit a young Mathematician specializing in one or more of the following themes: dynamic systems; Hamiltonian chaos; kinetic theories and Vlasov equation; transport properties. Some experience in high performance computing will be appreciated, which will make it possible to develop research projects within the CPT but also by targeting applications in connection with the main research axis "Sea Environment Sustainable Development" of the University of Toulon.

Contact: Catherine Levet (+33 4 91 26 95 07), catherine.levet at cpt.univ-mrs.fr