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  • Vendredi 9 décembre

    10h00 – 12h30

    Thesis defense : Noncommutative Geometry and Gauge theories on 𝐴𝐹 algebras

    Gaston Nieuviarts

    Luminy, Marseille
    Non-commutative geometry (NCG) is a mathematical discipline developed in the 1990s by Alain Connes. It is presented as a new generalization of usual geometry, both encompassing and going beyond the Riemannian framework, within a purely algebraic formalism. Like Riemannian geometry, NCG also has links with physics. Indeed, NCG provided a powerful framework for the reformulation of the Standard Model of Particle Physics (SMPP), taking into account general relativity, in a single "geometric" representation, based on Non- Commutative Gauge Theories (NCGFT). Moreover, this accomplishment (...)

  • Du 16 au 22 avril 2023

    Hot topics in Modern Cosmology, Spontaneous Workshop XV

    IESC Cargese
    Cargese, France
    Spontaneous Workshop (SW) brings together specialists in particle physics, astrophysics and theoretical physics at the Institute of Scientific Studies of Cargèse (IESC) to exchange recent knowledge on Cosmology in a constructive atmosphere. The goal is to stimulate debate for generating innovative ideas on emerging issues. With this in mind, the number of participants is limited to 30-40 and the workshop program is based on an optimal number of concise presentations, with a sufficient discussion space to facilitate interactions between participants. Postdoctoral and PhD students are (...)

  • Du 23 au 29 avril 2023

    Future Cosmology 23 - 29 April 2023 at IESC

    IESC, Cargese, France
    Cargese, France
    Cosmology is at the dawn of a revolution in terms of the quantity and quality of observation data on large structures. During the next two years, the Euclid mission will be launched, the Vera Rubin observatory will have its first light, followed very closely by the SPHEREx and Nancy Roman space missions. This thematic school of CNRS aims to provide a modern panorama on these new observatories, the different multi-wavelength probes on the physics of large scale structures, the rising tensions in cosmology, the problems caused by the influence of baryons and the opportunities provided by (...)

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