9th Conference on Orthogonal Polynomials
Special Functions and Applications

July, 2nd-6th 2007 - Marseille

Image:L’Estaque, vue du golfe de Marseille, Paul Cézanne

Special Functions, OP and q-Extensions
q-Difference Equations

OPRL and
Real and Complex Jacobi matrices

Jacobi matrices and Integrability

Hermite-Padé Approximants

Continued Fractions

Determinate and In
determinate Moment Problems
Riemann-Hilbert approach to OP

Matrix OP

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International Scientific Organizing Committee
F. Altomare (Italy), R. Askey (USA), B. Beckermann (France), C. Berg (Denmark), J.S. Dehesa (Spain)
M.E.H. Ismail (USA), V. Kalyagin (Russia), M. Kowalski (Poland), A. Magnus (Belgium)
F. Marcellan (Spain), H. Stahl (Germany), G. Valent (France). W.Van Assche (Belgium)

Local Organizing Committee
Galliano Valent, Jacek Gilewicz, Roland Triay