Thierry MARTIN

Centre de Physique Théorique
Campus Luminy - Case 907
13288 Marseille Cedex 09 France
Office : 5th floor, n° 509
Phone: +33491269541

Cell: +33660321652
Fax: +33491269553


I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist and I work in the field of electronic quantum transport, often identified as quantum mesoscopic physics or nanophysics. This means using quantum mechanics, statistical physics and quantum field theory to predict the current and its fluctuations (called quantum noise) in nano devices.

Presently I am involved in electronic quantum optics projects where electrons are injected one by one on an edge state of the quantum Hall effect, looking in particular at Hong Ou Mandel geometries, where two electrons collide at the location of a beam splitter.


I also work on multi lead superconducting hybrid devices where crossed Andreev processes, also called Cooper pair splitting, lead to electron entanglement. I study both Josephon like effects in and off equilibrium where multiple Cooper pair resonance occur.