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  • Dark Energy from Violation of Energy Conservation

    New result from the team “Quantum Gravity”, obtained by Thibaut Josset, Alejandro Perez, and Daniel Sudarsky.
    We consider the possibility of reconciling metric theories of gravitation with a violation of the conservation of energy-momentum. Under some circumstances, this can be achieved in the context of unimodular gravity, and it leads to the emergence of an effective cosmological constant in Einstein’s equation. We specifically investigate two potential sources of energy (...)

  • Les quasiparticules fractionnaires ne naissent pas seules

    Quelle que soit sa forme, une impulsion de tension ne peut pas exciter un anyon unique à partir du vide quantique. Les anyons sont des quasiparticules fractionnaires, des objets fascinants dont la charge est une fraction de la charge élémentaire de l’électron, et dont la statistique est intermédiaire entre celle des fermions et celle des bosons. Ils forment la brique de base de l’effet Hall quantique fractionnaire. Cet effet, objet du prix Nobel 1998, s’observe dans des nano-structures (...)

  • Du 1er au 6 mai

    Hot topics in Modern Cosmology

    Hot Topics in Modern Cosmology, Spontaneous Workshop XI, Co-organisée par R. Triay (CPT) Spontaneous Workshop (SW) brings together specialists on recent insights in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology. The aim is to stimulate debate on common topics in views of providing us with innovating ideas on emerging problems. The workshop’s organization is based on an optimal number of concise presentations and with enough space for discussions in order to favour interactions among participants. Postdocs and PhD students are encouraged to (...)

  • Du 12 au 22 juillet

    Noncommutative Geometry and Applications to Quantum Physics

    Quy Nhon, Vietnam
    Noncommutative Geometry and Applications to Quantum Physics (CIMPA Research School) CIMPA School organized by T. Masson and R. Triay (CPT) Noncommutative Geometry (NCG) is a vivid research subject in Mathematics and Physics. The main goal of this school is to train local researchers and students in these topics and to establish strong research collaborations with colleagues, students and researchers. Leading experts in NCG will give an overview of the main well-established results, the essential tools, and some of the present active research activities : Connes-Chern Character Theorem (...)

  • Du 30 juillet au 5 août

    Nanophysics, from fundamental to applications : reloaded

    Quy Nhon, Vietnam
    Nanophysics, from fundamental to applications : reloaded Ecole organisée par T. Martin, T. Jonckheere et J. Rech (CPT)

  • Du 30 octobre au 3 novembre

    Collisionless Boltzmann (Vlasov) Equation and Modeling of Self-Gravitating Systems and Plasmas

    CIRM, Luminy
    Conférence internationale co-organisée par R. Triay (CPT) The modelling of the matter interactions at long range is a fertile problem for Mathematics, a major issue in Physics and a challenge for Analysis and Numerical Simulations. The aim of this meeting is to conjugate all these aspects, with a special attention to the simulations, and try to infuse a stimulating working atmosphere, such as in a workshop, with few key lectures (part of these will be chosen when finalizing the (...)

  • Du 12 au 18 novembre

    XIIIe Ecole de Cosmologie

    XIIIe Ecole de Cosmologie Ecole thématique du CNRS organisée par François Bouchet (IAP) et Roland Triay (CPT) This school, which is open to international students, has as objectives the reciprocal upgrade and the development of a multidisciplinary community on the research lines promoted by the CNRS. It will favour the transfer of methods/techniques and the development of a multidisciplinary community that is either connected or interested in the massive data processing and statistical analysis. It will train new generations of researchers, notably on the basis of the existing Planck (...)

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