Cosmic Flows - Observations and Simulations

June 3rd -7th, 2013 • Marseille, France


last updated : January 4th 2013)

Marseille - Provence 2013, European Capital of Culture

If possible, the scientific program will let you to enjoy some cultural events which will take place during the conference.

Conference tour : an afternoon in the Calanques

The program includes a tour of the Calanques. It is a succession of cliffs that fall into the sea between Marseille and Cassis (it is a national park). The tour will be during the afternoon, either by boat, from Cassis, or by walk, starting from the Luminy campus ; the return will be scheduled before nightfall. In the latter case, it is recommanded take good walking shoes. In both cases, do not forget your sun protection (hat, sun cream ...) and your swimsuit. The organization of this excusion depends on the vagaries of the weather.

Discovering Provence

You can discover Provence by your yourself, rich in historic cities and with its sunny landscapes. If you like to drive from village to village, for short visits, and more especially for tasting the gastronomic products (wine, honey ...), the Luberon Regional Park offers good opportunities. The best solution is to rent a vehicle and browse intineraries that you can choose in the guides and tourist information centers. You can also move by train or bus. It is not necessary to go very far, a weekend could already make you want to return. The main cities to visit in a short time are Aix en Provence, Arles et Avignon. Do not miss the Provencal cuisine, which is mainly based on olive oil, herbs (thyme, rosemary, ..), lots of vegetables, and flavors with garlic.