Les Rencontres du Vietnam

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July 28 — August 3, 2013 • Quy Nhon, Viet Nam



Quy Nhon is a coastal town in central Vietnam  that can be reached by plane from Hanoi and from Ho Chin Minh City (Saigon). Arriving from abroad, the second alternative is recommended because of the fare and the time duration of the journey (one hour instead of one an half hour). Indeed, from Ho Chi Minh City, there are daily flights at 6:00 and 14:25 (Vietnam Airlines) and at 08:40 (Air Mekong) but it must be checked. From Hanoi there is a single flight at 6:00 (Vietnam Airlines) every days excepted on Wednesday. See also the useful booking sites (vietnamflight, Jetstar). The airport is around 20km north-west of Quy Nhon.

Alternative solutions are bus and train (useful informations are here). The bus is the cheapest means of transport. Buses are becoming on more international standards. The express buses are faster than local buses, which stop anywhere on request. There are also buses chartered by private companies. The express train connecting Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City is named the Reunification Express. There are 3 per day in each direction. Trains that are registered SE are the fastest, while the TN are (much) slower, see Golden Trains (between Saigon & Quy-Nhon).


The easiest way is to ask for a Tourist VISA. The Department of Consular Affairs of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased to invite foreigners to get in touch directly with the Vietnam Embassies and Consulates abroad about visa application procedures. The information and website addresses of diplomatic missions in Vietnam are available at the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: http://www.mofa.gov.vn or portal Consular: http://lanhsuvietnam.gov.vn.

There are two ways for obtaining a VISA

  • before leaving your country, in a Vietnam embassy or with the help of a travel agency
  • on your arrival with a Vietnamese travel agent or specialized web agencies (e.g., myvietnamvisa, vietnam-visa,…)


  There are two main international airports in Vietnam : Hanoi (Noi Bai airport : HAN) and Ho Chi Minh (Tan Son Nhut airport : SGN). As there more flights from Ho Chi Minh to Quy nhon, it is more convenient to fly from foreign countries to Ho Chi Minh than to Hanoi.
Indicative flight schedule. Please check before reservation. :
  • Sunday July 28 : HCM to Quy Nhon
    • Ho Chi Minh -SGN 06:40 | Quy Nhon - UIH 07:50 | Vietnam Airlines VN  1392
    • Ho Chi Minh -SGN 14:05 | Quy Nhon - UIH  15:30 | Vietnam Airlines VN  1396
  • Saturday August 3 : Quy Nhon to HCM
    • Quy Nhon - UIH 08:40 | Ho Chi Minh -SGN 09:50 | Vietnam Airlines VN  1393
    • Quy Nhon - UIH 16:45 | Ho Chi Minh -SGN 17:55 | Vietnam Airlines VN  1397
  • Sunday July 28 or Monday July 29 : Hanoi to Quy Nhon
    • Hanoi - HAN 06:00 | Quy Nhon - UIH 07:40 | Vietnam Airlines VN  1621
  • Saturday August 3 or Sunday August 4  : Quy Nhon to Hanoi
    • Quy Nhon - UIH 08:30 | Hanoi - HAN 10:10 | Vietnam Airlines VN  1620
In order to welcome you and organize your transfert from Quy Nhon airport to the conference hotel, please inform the conference secretariat of your flight number as well as the date and the arrival time in Quy nhon. Conference buses are available at Quy Nhon airport on Sunday August 11 flights and Monday August 12 morning flights.

Conference hotel : Hotel Hai Au : 489 An Duong Vuong Street, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh province.
Please remember that your room will be at your disposal not before 14:00.

Last updated : July 24th 2013