IVth School of Astroparticle Physics
May 27th - June 1st, 2013

OHP, Saint Michel l'Observatoire

Gravitational Waves

Registration Form

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Dates of the school :  Monday, May 27 (morning) - Saturday, June 1 (afternoon) - 2013

The school provides a bus service on

  1. Monday, May 27th from Marseille Provence Airport (1) at 10:00 and from the railways station Aix-en-Provence TGV (2)  at 10:30
  2. Saturday, June 1st from the OHP to come back to (2) and (1) not earlier than 16:00 and 16:30, respectively.
Please specify whether you opt for these bus services

If these solutions do not suit you then you can go to Manosque's railways station, where we will pick you up (at your request); otherwise, we will suggest you other solutions.

Please indicate your method of arrival and departure to places where we will pick you up, drop, resp.

Stay at l'OHP

Your stay at the OHP must be included in the official period of the school
If you plan accommodation outside of these dates then you must book with Nathalie Bressand (+33 (0)492706474), independently of the school. There will be no food service on site on weekends, with the exception of Sunday, May 26th evening at your request.

Accommodation is provided primarily in the Jean Perrin guesthouse and its annex
 If necessary it can be seen in the village (Hotel Observatory) or nearby.
Please specify your choices on 
dietary constraints  
Names of persons with whom you want to share your room and details on your diet

NB : We cannot guarantee full satisfaction.


Questionnaire I

Positioning of participants

The school in which you will participate will be evaluated at the initiative of the CNRS training and the scientific departments concerned. This questionnaire is for participants in order to better understand their needs and to assess the school in terms of the scientific and educational objectives.

a) Identification

You are :

Institution :
If other then specify :

Position : i
f other then specify :

Department : 

Seniority in research

Subject of current research

Field of competence :

Do you work in a CNRS unit? 

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b) Motivations

Registration is due to:

  1. your initiative
  2. advice from your laboratory (director)
  3. encouragement from your laboratory (director)
  4. encouragement from the organizers of the school
  5. if other then specify 
Is it your first time attending a scientific meeting on this field?

c) Expectations

What do you expect of this school? :

  1. an update and / or deepening your knowledge basic
  2. acquisition of basic concepts
  3. input information on a subject close to your researc:
  4. knowledge of a technical tool or theoretical
  5. a synthesis of current researc:
  6. meeting with experts
  7. other then specify
Which one among your answers appears as a priority?

What impact do you hope from this school as part of your personal project? :

  1. establishing new collaborations
  2. consolidation of your current researc:
  3. better integration into the scientific community
  4. thematic reorientation
  5. retraining
  6. other then specify
Which one among your answers appears as a priority?

What would you say are the goals of this school? 

A second questionnaire to fill will be asked at the end of this school.

The registration form has been filled out and sent