School of Astroparticle Physics
May 27th - June 1st, 2013
OHP, Saint Michel l'Observatoire

Gravitational Waves

Neutrino's signatures of GW sources

  Astroparticule et Cosmologie (APC)


The lecture will cover the general aspects of  Neutrino Astronomy. A short historical review will be given as well a panorama of the current working observatories. A particular attention will be given to searches for common sources of neutrinos and gravitational waves.
  1. Scientific Motivations
    1. Introduction - Multi-messenger Astronomy
    2. High Energy Neutrino astronomy
      • The neutrino messenger
      • Potential astrophysical sources of neutrinos
  2. Detection Principles
    1. First extraterrestrial neutrinos
    2. Current neutrino telescopes
  3. Selected results
    1. Main results in Neutrino astronomy
    2. Joint searches of high energy neutrinos and gravitational waves


The presentation will include three distinct parts. I will focus on the scientific motivations (I) associated with the observation of high energy neutrinos in the context of a multi-messenger astronomy. I will summarize what type of informations neutrinos are expected to bring, in particular about the origin of high energy cosmic rays. I will also discuss the production mechanisms proposed of cosmic neutrinos .
The aspects related to detection principles (II) of neutrino telescopes will be discussed in a second part. I will cover some historical stages including the first detections of extraterrestrial neutrinos (solar, SN1987A)
before describing the most recent detectors. I will discuss the constraints due to various background and the different methods used to identify a potential signal.
Finally, in a third part, I will present the most significant results achieved in the domain (III) and end up with the joint searches for cosmic neutrinos and gravitational waves.

  • Books
    • Winter, Neutrino Physics, Cambridge University Press 1991
    • Zuber, Neutrino Physics, IoP 2004
    • Mohaparta & Pal, Massive Neutrinos in Physics and Astrophysics, World Scientific, 2004
    • Bahcall, Neutrino Astrophysics, Cambridge University Press 1989
  • Review-Articles
    • Baret and Van Elewyck, High energy neutrino astronomy: detection methods and first achievements,. Prog. Phys. 74 (2011)
    • Ando et al.  Multimessenger astronomy with gravitational waves and high-energy  neutrinos, arXiv1203.5192
    • he ANTARES, LIGO and Virgo collaboration,  A first search for coincident gravitational waves and high nervy neutrinos using LIGO, Virgo and ANTARES data,  arXiv: 1205.3018


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