How to come to the conference

By Train

By Plane

By Car


There is a railway station (gare SNCF) in Hyères. There are several trains from Paris to Hyères, with changes in Marseille and/or Toulon. From Paris to Marseille, you should use the TGV train (about 3h15min). The cost for one way is about 80 euros. If you intend to take the train, please, inform us (at registration or later), since we can provide you a "fichet congrès" that allows you a 25% reduction. Other discounts exist if you buy your tickets early ("Prem's" tickets), but please be aware that they are subject to special conditions (no refund or change of reservation).

Timetables and prices are avalaible on the official web site of SNCF: Timetables without prices are also available at or

Once you are at Hyères railway station, you can either take the regular bus 67 in the direction of "Giens Village", and stop at "VVF de Giens" (30 minutes) or use one of the specific buses we will provide on 11th September.

Details for participants arriving on Saturday 11th

If you arrive in Toulon before 19h24

Take a train to Hyères railway station:

Local train (TER): start at 12h17, 17h12, 18h17

TGV/or Local train (TER): start at 19h24.

(Note: in France, you can not buy your ticket in the train; You have to buy it at the railway station, either at the counter or at a vending machine). For all four departure times mentioned above, have a walk in the train, you will find some other participants of the QMath9 conference.

If you arrive after 19h24 at Toulon railway station

There are no more trains to Hyères. You can still catch a bus in the direction of Hyères, that stops at the bus station, in front of the railway station.

* Bus 39 (direction "Gare routiere de Hyères"). Stop at "Hyères gare routiere". Latest departure times: 19h30, 20h00, 20h30, 21h15, 21h40. Duration: about 1 hour

* Bus 29 (direction "Gare routiere de Hyères"). Stop at "Hyères gare routiere". Latest departure times: 19h45, 20h15, 21h40. Duration: about 1 hour

* Bus 103 (direction "Lavandou/Saint-Tropez"). Stop at "Hyères gare routiere". Latest departure times: 19h50, 21h15. Duration: about 35 min.

These 3 buses are waiting slightly to the right outside Toulon railway station (railway station in the back). In general, they are waiting there before departure. However, depending on the traffic, they may arrive late, and will stop only if you wave your hands. (The bus number can be seen in the front of the bus). You can buy a ticket from the bus driver (better if you have some small change), and you have to stamp it inside the bus.

Once arrived at "Hyères bus station", have a look around to check if you see a car or a minibus that we could possibly organize. If none, you have to take a taxi to "VVF Giens".

If you arrive at Hyères railway station

* before 12h00, you can take the bus 67 (departure: 07h34, 08h29, 12h05,...) direction "Tour fondue/VVF Giens" (duration about 30min), or a Taxi to VVF Giens (duration about 10mn).

* at 12h37: Transportation for those who mentionned their arrival will be organized by minibus and car at 14h00. This gives you some time to have lunch just outside the railway station. Priority will be given to those who mentionned us their arrival time. Meeting point: inside the railway station. (it is small, you will see us!)

* at 17h32: Transportation for those who mentionned their arrival will be organized by minibus and car. We will wait for your arrival by train and collect everybody inside the railway station.

* at 18h38: A specific bus is organized, leaving at 18h55. It will wait in front of the railway station. The bus should have a signe "QMath9".

* at 19h42: A specific bus is organized, leaving at 20h00. It will wait in front of the railway station. The bus should have a sign "QMath9".


The 3 closest airports are:
- Aéroport de Toulon-Hyères (5km from Giens)
- Aéroport Marseille-Provence (70 km from Giens)
- Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur (120 km from Giens)

The easiest is to fly to Toulon-Hyères airport. There are currently 5 flights per day from Paris to Aéroport de Toulon-Hyères (Air-France). From Toulon-Hyères airport, we recommend that you take either a taxi to VVF Giens, or one of the buses we will organize on 11th September (and also on 17th September for the way back).
Another possibility, which, however, takes much longer, is to use regular bus 102 in the direction "gare routière" (stop at "gare routière"), and then bus 67 in the direction "Giens-Village" (stop at "VVF Giens").

For those arriving at 17h55 on Saturday 11th, we will organize a bus starting around 19h05 from the airport. It might be slightly late, since it goes first to the railway train station. If you arrive earlier or later, you will have to take a taxi to VVF Giens.

If you fly to Marseille (Aéroport Marseille-Provence ), take the shuttle bus from the Airport to the main railway station (Marseille St-Charles). Shuttle buses leave about every 20 minutes from 5 am until the last plane of the day, and take 25 minutes on average to reach the station. From there, take the train to Hyères railway station (you may have to change train at Toulon railway station); see the section "by TRAIN" above for the end of the trip.

If you fly to Nice (Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur), take either the shuttle bus 98 ("Nice centre direct gare routière") to Nice railway station (Nice Ville), or the regular bus 23 (approximately 25 minutes). From there, take a train to Hyères (with a change in Toulon); see the section "by TRAIN" above for the end of the trip.



To find your itinerary to the conference place, use the following link (click on the english flag). At this "mappy" web page, fill in the form as follows for the arrival place:
Street and n., tube, district: "av. de l'esterel"
Place: "Giens"
Post code: "83400"
Country: "France"

To go to VVF Giens you must pass by Hyères. Once you are in Hyères, you still have 12km to drive. Take the direction of "Giens" or "Presqu'ile de Giens" (south of Hyères). You have to follow the signs "Giens" almost until the end. You pass first by the village "La Capte". One km after this village, you will see a sign "Tour Fondue" and/or "VVF" follow it, and do not follow the sign Giens anymore. Drive about 1 km, and before arriving to "Tour fondue" (i.e., on the sea), there is a sign to the left indicating "Village vacances Familles" (i.e. VVF). Follow it. You are now on the street "Avenue de l'esterel". At the end of this street, you reach a gate. Ring (at any time) and mention that you are participant of the Qmath9 conference. Enter with your car, use one of the parking lots at your disposal, and go to the reception ("Accueil/Reception").

We will try to install some orange arrows "QM9" at the end of your trip, in order to guide you.