Workshop: Open Systems & Quantum Dynamics

CPT - University of Toulon

June 26th - November  26th  2006


During the last years, significant efforts have been devoted to the study of dynamical properties of (classical and quantum) open systems. In particular, through the study of noisy or forced dissipative systems, or Hamiltonian systems with a large number of degrees of freedom, our understanding of the mathematical structure of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics has greatly improved. The aim of this workshop is to offer in depth courses on recent progress in the field. It is adressed to PHD students, postdocs and researchers in mathematical and theoretical physics. The following topics will be discussed:

List of Speakers




Vojkan Jaksic (McGill Univ., Montreal, Canada)
June 5-9 and August 21-September 2
Spectral Theory of Anderson Type Hamiltonians
Yoshiko Ogata (Tokyo Univ., Japan) June 26-30 Linear response theory in quantum statistical mechanics
Luc Rey-Bellet (U. of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA) June 26-30 Large deviations for Gibbs states and Markov chains
Roberto Livi (Univ. Firenze, Italy)
June 26-July 21
Heat transport in low-dimensional systems
Gian Michele Graf (ETH-Zürich, Switzerland)
October 18-19
Equality of bulk and edge Hall conductances
Claudio Fernandez (U. Pontificia de Chile)
November 7-16 Resonances and exponential decay
Walter Aschbacher (TU-München, Germany)
November 9-10
Out of equilibrium correlations in the XY chain
Stephan De Bièvre (Univ. Lille)
November 9-10
Diffusion, linear friction and Ohmic transport in an Hamiltonian open system
Laurent Bruneau (Univ. Cergy)
November 9-10
Repeated interactions quantum systems
Ion Nechita (Univ. Lyon)
November 9-10 Random density matrices
Clément Pellegrini (Univ. Lyon)
November 9-10 Quantum trajectories
Dominique Spehner (Univ. Grenoble)
November 9-10 Decoherence and quantum measurements
Nils Berglund (CPT-Toulon)
November 9-10 Metastability and synchronization in a noisy classical chain
Yan Pautrat (Univ. Orsay)
November 9-10 Central limit theorem for locally perturbed Fermi gasses
Tony Dorlas (DIAS-Dublin, Ireland)
November 9-10 Optimal coding of classical messages for a quantum channel with memory.

Special Events

June 26-30: Transport and Fluctuations Week (Program).

November 9-10: Open Systems Days (Program,Participants).