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Quantum Gravity
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Quantum Gravity is the problem of combining Einstein's general relativity with quantum mechanics.  This is one of the major open problems in fundamental physics.    The main activity of the Quantum Gravity group of the CPT is the development of the loop approach to quantum gravity, both in its canonical form and in the spinfoam formalism.  A review article on loop quantum gravity has appeared on the electronic journal Living Reviews in Relativity. You can find the article on here.   A review of the spinfoam formalism is here. Other activities of the group include quantum cosmology and foundations of quantum mechanics.



Permanent Carlo Rovelli, Alejandro Perez, Simone Speziale, Thomas Krajewski
Postdocs: Reiko Toriumi, Sylvain Carrozza, Goffredo Chirco, Miklos Langvik, Valerio Astuti.

Seramika Ariwahjoedi, François Collet, Marios Christodoulou, Thibaut Josset.

Visitors:   Tommaso De Lorenzo, Davide Lillo


Alejandro Perez and Carlo Rovelli (Simone Speziale is taking the picture)



Address :  Centre de Physique Theorique de Luminy
Case 907, Luminy, F-13288 Marseille, EU

Contact:     rovelli@cpt.univ-mrs.fr,  perez@cpt.univ-mrs.fr

How to join the group:

1. Students. We take one or two students per year. Information on PhD applications.

2. Postodocs. The two postdoctoral positions open this year have been obtained by Sylvain Carrozza and Goffredo Chirco. Sylvain has worked with Rivasseau and Oriti on the tensor models and we hope this will help us better understanding the continuum limit in quantum gravity. Goffredo comes from the group of Verlinde and brings to the group his expertees on thermodynamics and gravity, increasingly a central focus of interest for the group. Information on postdoc applications. (No position open at present.)

3. Permanent positions. In France there are two doors of access to permament positions: either locally when a Maitre de Conference is advertised, or at the national level, via CNRS concourses. Information on the Section 02 of the CNRS.


Introduction to LQG


Carlo Rovelli  and Francesca Vidotto"Introduction to Covariant Quantum Gravity", is being published by Cambridge University Press.  Here is the CUP catalog webpage of the book.
Here is a draft of the book, in pdf format .  This version available online  is not the final version published, under agreement with CUP.

The popularization book "Cos'è lo spazio?  Cos'è il tempo?", (Di Renzo editore) ( available online ) by Rovelli has been translated in French and is published by Dunod under the title "Et si le temps n'existait pas?",It can be ordered online, for instance, at the FNAC site
An Eglish version has been published by Di Renzo ( available online ).



The daily activities of the group can be followed on this Goggle Calendar page.

List of publications of the group


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