The registration process consists in two separated steps by completing:

  1. the scientific registration form (hereafter): Deadline May 3rd, 2016.
  2. the registration form for lodging / logistics purposes on the website 12th Rencontres du Vietnam: Deadline June 12th, 2016.

Scientific Registration Form (Deadline May 3rd, 2016)

NB : Javascript must be activated on your browser in order to register. Do not use the characters percent (%), Tabulation (TAB) and Carriage Return (CR) in the fields of the application form. The starred fields* are mandatory.

All participants have to register for scientific purpose, but not the accompanying persons. Submitting your contribution is at this stage. In case of problems for filling the form online, upload the PDF or MSWord version. Please contact Roland Triay (CPT) if you want to submit a contribution after the registration phase.

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If your application is accepted then you will receive an official invitation letter (PDF format) by email, and you will proceed for the payment of registration fee.

Your Attendance

To schedule your contribution, if you cannot attend the full period of the conference then could you please uncheck the checkboxes that correspond to your absence in the following table:

Morning Afternoon
Sunday, July 3rd
Monday, July 4th
Tuesday, July 5th
Wednesday, July 6th
Thursday, July 7th
Friday, July 8th
Saturday, July 9th

If you do not submit a contribution, then skip the next section.

To submit a talk or a poster, please fill the appropriate fields

The submission deadline for your contribution is May 3rd, 2016.

Contribution to a talk in plenary session

Talk Title:

Send email with title and abstract to: Roland Triay (CPT)
with the subject message = Cosmic-Flows Submission for a Contribution to Plenary Session

Contribution to a poster

Poster Title:

Send email with title and abstract to: Roland Triay (CPT)
with the subject message = Cosmic-Flows Submission for a Contribution to a poster

Moreover, an abstract is also required (booklet and refereeing):

  • retrieve this compressed folder;
  • write the abstract in LaTeX;
  • save your contribution into a folder (it must contain all the necessary files for compilation), with filename = F-I-T where
    • F=your family name,
    • I= firstname's initials,
    • T=type of contribution (T=Pl for plenary, T=Po for poster),
    e.g. "Einstein-A-Pl";
  • fill the appropriate form below for specifying the title (in LaTeX if required);
  • send your submission to the given email address with right subject.

You will be informed on the chosen session in due course.

Form Validation

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Registration Fees

The conference fee will be

Date of payment Until May 3rd, 2016 After May 3rd, 2016
Participant 350 USD 420 USD
Accompanying member 120 USD 150 USD

The registration fee includes:

  • A copy of the proceedings for the participants.
  • Pick-up service from/to Quy Nhon Airport on Sunday July 3rd and Saturday July 9th.
  • Social activities and Banquet.

A special program for the accompanying members will be organized.


Payment can be made either

  • on line (the preferred method) - in that case, go to this website for payment
  • or by cash at the conference site;
  • by interbank transfer; in that case you should transfer the fee (Please add 20 USD for bank fees) to the following bank.
Pacific Place Building
83B Ly Thuong Kiet Street
Hanoi, Vietnam
Account Number: 002-389476-101

The transfer should indicate clearly your name to identify the payee. Please inform the conference secretariat by fax or email that the transfer has been done. You should obtain proof of payment and hand it to the conference secretariat at the conference site. It will take at least four (4) weeks for our account to be credited, so please have the transfer made before June 3rd, 2016.

Financial Support

Some limited accommodation funds may be available for young scientists from developing countries and from Eastern European countries. The application form for financial support should filled in (including a short resume) and submitted. A letter of recommendation should be sent to:
J. Tran Thanh Van, and copy to .