Vth School of Astroparticle Physics
23 - 28 May 2016
OHP, Saint Michel l'Observatoire

Physics of the Universe in X-rays

Evaluation form

First name   Surname


The school has scientific and educational aims. The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand, through the responses of each participant, to what extent these objectives have been achieved.

A) About the organization of the school ?
According to you :

  1. The organization of the program allowed a good coverage of the school theme
  3. The quality (pedagogy) of presentations (in general) did she seemed 
  5. Areas in which the school has met your expectations ?
  6. Areas in which the school has not met your expectations ?
  7.  Does the organization of debates allowed high quality discussions ? 
  9. What are the teaching methods (lectures, tutorials, ...) implemented in this school who seem to be the most relevant ?
  10. You feel you have been adequately informed of the prerequisite knowledge to attend this school ? 

B) Would you say that this school has provided its participants :

  1. an update and / or deepening of knowledge
  2. acquisition of basic concepts in the field concerned
  3. information on a theme interesting your laboratory
  4. knowledge of a technical tool or theoretical
  5. a synthesis of current researches
  6. meeting with experts
  7. other (specify)
Among the responses chosen, which is a priority for you ?        N

C) Could you please specify the special moments that helped
exchanges with participants and speakers ?

  1. plenary sessions (courses)
  2. workshops or working groups
  3. meal
  4. leisure time
  5. other (specify) 

D) Have you had personal contact with other participants and speakers ? 
If so, in what these changes have been brought ?

  1. on one or more specific points in the course
  2. on the respective research works
  3. on the projects
  4. (specify

E) Do you think that these discussions will lead, for the scientific community, on:

Yes Maybe No
exchange of information
other (specify) : 

F) What extensions to this school do you plan  for yourself ?

  1. insertion into a network
  2. exchanges with specialists
  3. staying in a laboratory
  4. a reorientation of your research activity
  5. research projects
  6. One of the courses offered at G
  7. other (specify) :
Among the responses chosen, which is a priority for you ?         N

G) Would you like a extension to this school ?

if so, in what form ? 

If other then specify : 

H) Comments and suggestions ?

Thank you for your cooperation.

The evaluation form has been filled out and sent