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Study of complex networks

LANETvi, a tool for visualization of networks

SOCIOPATTERNS, a collaboration for the study of patterns in social dynamics

Publications on complex networks

Press releases

Powerpoint presentations on complex networks:
Powerpoint presentation: introduction to complex networks
Powerpoint presentation: complex weighted networks
Another powerpoint presentation on complex weighted networks
Traceroute-like exploration of unknown networks: a statistical analysis
Traffic-driven model of the World-Wide-Web Graph
Lecture on weighted networks
Naming Game on complex networks
Lecture on complex networks: First part Introduction; Second part Resilience and fragility; Third part Random walks; Epidemic processes.

Granular media
-dense granular media: modelisation and study of compaction under shaking; possibility to  construct a thermodynamical approach to dense granular matter, using the ideas of S.F. Edwards. Publications

-dilute granular matter: numerical simulations (molecular dynamics) of granular gases; study of the velocity distributions and of the deviations from a gaussian distribution; validity of the fluctuation-dissipation theorem and checks of the fluctuation theorem. Publications

Spin glasses, glasses, aging phenomena. Publications