First name Robert 

Born 11 Juin 1953 In Bourges (France)

Citizenship French

Marital status married, 3 children

Personal address La Largade A3, Super-Valmont, 13009, Marseille. France

Position Directeur de Recherches au CNRS

Professional adress Centre de Physique Théorique. CNRS. Case 907. Luminy.13288. Marseille.

Tel. (home) (33) (0)4 91 41 60 34
Tel.(office - CPT) (33) (0)4 91 26 95 18




LONG TERM INVITATIONS (one or two years)


Lectures given at Université d'Aix-Marseille:

Cours au niveau du Second Cycle (Maitrise de physique) -Master level-

1987. Cours de Physique Statistique (60 h) (Disponible sous forme dactylographiée).

Cours au niveau du Troisième Cycle (DEA): -PhD level-

1979. "Interactions faibles et particules élémentaires"

1983. "Théories de jauge"

1984. "Théories des groupes"

1984. "Algèbres de Clifford et spineurs, aspects algébriques"

1985. "Géométrie différentielle et Physique Théorique"

1989-2002 (every year). "Géométrie des Théories de Jauge et Gravitation"

Lectures given at C.N.A.M. (Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers). Pays de Gex.

1992. "Cours de Mathématiques et Théorie du Signal (theory of distributions) " Series of lectures (80h).

Lectures given at the University of Zaragoza. Spain.

1996. "Non commutative geometry and theoretical physics" Series of lectures (PhD level, 10h).

Lectures given at C.B.P.F. (Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas) and U.E.R.J. (Univ. Estado Rio de Janeiro). Brasil.

1996. "Non commutative differential geometry" Series of lectures (PhD level, 12hrs).

1998. "Introduction to quantum groups and quantum spaces" Series of lectures (PhD level).

2002. Curso de Pós-Graduação (IV Escola do CBPF, approx. 10 hrs): "Relativistic cosmology".

2012. Curso de Pós-Graduação (IX Escola do CBPF, approx. 16 hrs): "Fusion graphs and modular invariance in conformal field theories".

Lectures given at the Instituto Balseiro (Centro Atomico de Bariloche). Argentina.

1996. "Geometria diferencial no comutativa" Series of lectures (PhD level, 12hrs).

Lectures given at IMPA (Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada), Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

2012. "Groups, bundles and connections". Curso de Pós-Graduação (4 months, approx. 60 hrs)

Direction of PhD thesis

Subject : "Théories Quantiques de la Gravitation et Théories de Kaluza-Klein"
(G. Esposito - Farese, thesis defended in 1990)

Subject : "Interactions faibles, superalgèbres et Géométrie"
(Giuseppe Cammarata, thesis defended in 1998).

Subject : "Géométrie des variétés graduées"
(Trissevgenie Stavracou, thesis defended in 1997).

Subject : "Groupes quantiques de dimension finie et théories conformes"
(Gil Schieber, thesis defended in 2003).

Subject : "Groupoïdes quantiques : cellules et graphes"
(Esteban Isasi, thesis defended in 2006).


First Caribbean Spring School of Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Saint-François, Guadeloupe (31 mai - 13 juin 1993) 115 participants.
Direction and organisation of the school, (together with M. Dubois Violette).

Quantum symmetries in theoretical physics and mathematics
San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina (January 10-24, 2000)
Direction and organisation of the school, (together with R. Trinchero).


From 1992 to 1997, in charge of the group "Interactions Fondamentales" within the CPT (Centre de Physique Theorique), Marseille.

From September 1st, 2000 to September 1st, 2005 : Director of CIRM (Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques) Luminy, Marseille.

From 2006 to September 2011, and from May 2014 to May 2016, in charge of the team "Géométrie, Physique et Symétries" at the CPT (Centre de Physique Theorique), Marseille.


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