XIIth School of Cosmology
September 15 - 20, 2014IESC, Cargèse
their impact in the study of galaxies and

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Questionnaire II : Evaluation of the School

The school in which you participated was the scientific and educational objectives identified by the organizers and the CNRS. The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand, through the responses of each participant, to what extent these objectives have been achieved.

A) About the organization of the school

Your opinion  :

  1. The program provides a good coverage of the topics of the school
  3. The educational quality of  presentations as a whole is 
  5. In which areas the school has met your expectations ?
  6. In which areas the school has not met your expectations?
  7.   The organization of the debates did permit discussions of quality in the courses
  9. Which teaching methods (lectures, workshops, ...) implemented during this school seem most relevant ?
  10. Do you have been sufficiently informed about the pre-knowledge required to follow this school ? 

B) Would you say that this school has provided to participants :

  1. updating and / or deepening of knowledge
  2. acquisition of basic concepts in the field
  3. input information about a subject interesting your lab
  4. knowledge of a technical or theoretical tool
  5. a synthesis of current research
  6. a meeting with experts
  7.   other (clarify) 
Among the answers chosen, which is a priority for you ?        N°

C) Could you describe the special moments that have helped
exchanges with participants and lecturers

  1. plenary sessions, courses
  2. workshops (or work groups)
  3. meals
  4. leisure time
  5. other (clarify

D) Have you had personal contacts with other participants
and lecturers
if so, what brought these exchanges ?

  1. on one or several specific points of the course
  2. on the respective research
  3. on projects
  4. clarify

E) Do you think these exchanges lead,
for the scientific community on

yes maybe no
informations exchanges
other (clarify) : 

F) Which extension(s) do you envisage at this school for yourself ?

  1. insertion in a network
  2. exchanges with specialists
  3. stay in a laboratory
  4. redirecting your research activity
  5. research projects
  6. one of the courses offered at the G
  7. other (clarify)
Among the answers chosen, which is a priority for you       N°

G) Would you follow up this school ? 

if so, what form

if other then specify : 

H) Comments and suggestions ?

Thank you for your cooperation.