XIIth School of Cosmology
September 15 - 20, 2014IESC, Cargèse
their impact in the study of galaxies and

Application for registration
— Whether you are a participant or lecturer you must register —

The deadline for registration is  September 1st, 2014

This school is intended for researchers, postdocs and PhD students. His objectives are in particular the training of researchers and an reciprocal upgrade of the communities involved in these topics, and it is for this reason why the lecturers themselves become participants. The school will be followed by a workshop on Fundamental Issues of the Standard Cosmological Model (FISCM). It will complete the program with additional topics and provide a space for contradictory debates. To attend this workshop you have to register also on its website and pay the fees only once.

The registration at the School consists on two steps: :
  • To participate in the school, you must complete two separate forms: in the first one you can express your motives and in the second one you apply for your login account (go to the tab "Create Account"). Beware for online registration on IESC website, you receive a different set of login and password for each event that takes place at IESC, and you must use the right one in each case. If you are accepted then your name is on the list of participants. In addition, you will receive an official letter of invitation and your access codes to complete the second online form (with your arrival and departure dates, your choice of accommodation, your food specifications, etc ...). For organizational reasons, it is essential that this information be updated before the deadline.
In particular, you are asked to specify:
    • your diet, at least one week prior to school
    • your choice on the type of accommodation. You will be offered the best solution depending on availability a few days before your arrival
    • the names of people with whom you want to share your accomodation
    • if you come with your family and the age of your children
    • the dates and means of transport of your voyage in Corsica, what can be helpful to minimize your traveling costs

After attending School, you must fill out the online assessment questionnaire.

Your stay at IESC

Your stay will not be managed by the IEC outside the period of the school possibly including that of the workshop. Participants are expected to arrive on Monday, September 15, 2014 in the early afternoon, and leave IESC on Saturday, September 20, 2014 in the early afternoon. Unless you attend the workshop FISCM, your home must be vacated before 9am and you place your luggage in a room at IESC provided for this purpose. A single bus service between Ajaccio and the IESC, schedules will be specified in due course. If necessary, additional transport can be arranged at your own expense.

You will be lodged either at the site of the IESC or in apartments in the village. These are provided with the necessary (kitchen utensils and linens). The final allocation of accommodation will be determined by the IESC according to your wishes and availability. For logistical reasons, the students will be housed in shared room and they will pay the corresponding fare. However, when registering online, they can change the choice for a single room, which will be validated depending on availability; in that case, they will pay the price difference upon arrival at the IESC. If you opt for an accommodation in the hotel/other (without lodging), it will be reserved but you will have to pay your accommodation on site.

Lunches will be taken at IESC from Tuesday through Saturday and the dinners either in restaurants in the village or in the apartments.

Cost of your stay at the IESC

The registration fees amounts 250 €uros, they contribute to the organization of the school and do not cover your stay. Accompanying persons are exempted from registration fees.

The cost of living in the IESC is irreducible and corresponds to a
school package

Shared room (2 beds)
331 € TTC
Single room
391 € TTC
Accompanying person
212 € TTC
without lodging
148 € TTC

It includes accommodation with breakfast (unless you choose "without lodging") and meals at the IESC. For a complete estimate of the cost of your stay, you must add other expenses outside IESC (dinners, Sunday lunch, the boat / mountain trip and the transportation other than the shuttles organized by the IESC).

If you also participate in the workshop "Fundamental Issues of the Standard Cosmological Model" the amount of fees increases a little less than double.


Payment must be made by credit card prior to your arrival on the website of payment at the "XIIth School of Cosmology" tab. You must first carry out a pre-registration (use a unique email address per person). You will receive an e-mail confirmation to continue the payment process. Beware, this website is shared with the Workshop : if you attend also the Workshop then choose the tab "School AND Worshop" , and pay only once !!

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