XIIth School of Cosmology
September 15 - 20, 2014IESC, Cargèse
their impact in the study of galaxies and

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Questionnaire I

Positioning of participants

The school to which you participate will undergo an evaluation conducted on the initiative of CNRS administration. This first questionnaire is intended more about the participants and their expectations afind'évaluer school in terms of scientific and educational objectives set.

a) Identification

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b) Motivations

Your registration results of : :
  1. your initiative
  2. incitement of your laboratory director
  3. incitement of your research supervisor
  4. encouraging the organizers of the school
  5. other then specify

Is this your first time attending a scientific event on the field this school ?

c) Expectations

What do you expect to the course of this school ? :
  1. updating and / or deepening your knowledge base
  2. acquisition of basic concepts
  3. input information on a subject close to your research
  4. knowledge of a technical or theoretical tool
  5. a synthesis of current research
  6. a meeting with experts
  7. other then specify
Which of your answers seem a priority ?

What impact do you expect from this school as part of your project staff  ? :
  1. establishing new collaborations
  2. consolidate your current research
  3. better integration in the scientific community
  4. a thematic shift
  5. retraining
  6. other then specify
Which of your answers seem a priority ?

What do you think are the goals of this school ?

A second questionnaire will be proposed at the end of this school.