XIIIème Ecole de Cosmologie
12 - 17 novembre 2017 IESC, Cargèse
Le CMB de A à Z
Enjeux et défis du CMB comme sonde cosmologique

CMB lensing

Antony LEWIS
University of Sussex


  1. Lensing of temperature and polarization
    1. Lensing reconstruction and delensing


    CMB lensing is the leading non-linear effect on the CMB: it smooths the acoustic peaks and produces both B-mode polarization and a large non-Gaussian signal. I'll explain the various effects, and how we can use observations to reconstruct the lensing potential and hence delens the observed B-modes.


    • Article
      • Weak Gravitational Lensing of the CMB astro-ph/0601594, 0911.0612