XIIIth School of Cosmology
November 12 - 18, 2017IESC, Cargèse
The CMB from A to Z
promises and challenges of the CMB as a cosmological probe

CMB lensing

Antony LEWIS
University of Sussex


  1. Lensing of temperature and polarization
    1. Lensing reconstruction and delensing


    CMB lensing is the leading non-linear effect on the CMB: it smooths the acoustic peaks and produces both B-mode polarization and a large non-Gaussian signal. I'll explain the various effects, and how we can use observations to reconstruct the lensing potential and hence delens the observed B-modes.


    • Article
      • Weak Gravitational Lensing of the CMB astro-ph/0601594, 0911.0612