Hot topics in Modern Cosmology
Spontaneous Workshop XII
14 - 19 May 2018 Cargèse


The on-line registration is at IESC website (tab "SW12 : Hot topics in Modern Cosmology") here
For the very first step go tab "Create new account" and you will receive your login ID to proceed for the registration.
NB : Choose the option lecturer as status.

Deadline : 29 April 2018

BEWARE : You receive a different set of login and password for each event at IESC, and you must use the right one in each case.

You will be informed by email with a formal invitation letter whether your application is accepted, and you will receive your ID code to complete/modify your registration form (with your dates of arrival and departure, your choice of accommodation, your specific food, etc. .). In case of changes, it is essential that these informations be updated before the registration deadline. All the logistic will be based on your registration form

Registration fees amount to 240 €uros : It corresponds to your financial contribution to the workshop organization, for the use of the services of the institute (secretariat, logistics, internet, amphitheater, ...).

of your staying in the IESC : it corresponds to a five-day (six-night) package, which can be estimated here.

Shared room (2 beds)
354 €uro
Single room
  415 €uro
Accompanying person
Without lodging at IESC

It includes accommodation with breakfast (unless you choose without lodgingl) and meals at the IESC. NB : For a complete estimate of the cost of your stay, you must add the cost of other expenses outside IESC (dinners, the boat / mountain trip and the transportation).

You must proceed to two separate payments

1) Registration fees must be paid by banking card prior to your arrival on the Website of payment at line :

— "SW12    Spontaneous Workshop XII : Hot topics in Modern Cosmology    Information    Registration"

Click on tab "Registration" to pre-register (use a unique email address per person) and you will receive an email confirmation in order to continue the payment process.

NB: Do not use the login and password of the scientific registration that you performed at IESC website (above, previously).

2) Your staying in the IESC (lodging and lunches) must be paid on site at the Institute in €uros either by credit card or by bank transfer (prefered method) to the following bank account :

    - from France, RIB: 10071-20100-00001000062-58 — Dom : TPBASTIA
    - from International, IBAN: FR76-1007-1201-0000-0010-0006-258 — BIC : TRPUFRP1

Please add bank fees to the amount and indicate your name and the identification code SW12. The corresponding voucher should be handed to IESC Secretary.

NB : If your lodging choice is not the "Institute" then you must pay your accommodation directly to the Hotel/other.

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