Hot topics in Modern Cosmology
Spontaneous Workshop XII
14 - 19 May 2018 Cargèse


Spontaneous Workshop (SW) brings together specialists on recent insights in Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology. The aim is to stimulate debate on common  topics in views of providing us with innovating ideas on emerging problems. The workshop’s organization is based on an optimal number of concise presentations and with enough space for discussions in order to favour interactions among participants. Postdocs and PhD students are encouraged to attend.

The SW workshop differs from traditional workshops in that the program is specified only two weeks before the meeting, based on a selection of topics proposed by the participants. Topics discussed in the past appear in the programs of previous sessions, see the links hereafter:
 I - II - III - IV - V - VI - VII - VIII - IX - X - XI

SW12 topics includes

Dark Energy — Inflation — Baryon and Lepton number violation
CP violation — LHC and Dark Matter — Astroparticle Physics
Neutrino Cosmology Baryogenesis and Leptogenesis — cosmic Antimatter
Gravitational Waves of cosmological and astrophysical origin
Primordial black holes as a part of Dark Matter
PBH in binary systems and their detection through gravitational radiation
Cosmological parameters — Anomalies in CMB —  Inhomogeneous Cosmology
Cosmological Large Scale Structures — Magnetic Fields in the Universe
Non-local UV completion of gravity — QFT in Curved Spacetime — Massive Gravity
Numerical Relativity — Black Hole formation — Modified Gravity
Inflation and curvature singularities in modified gravity, including
its non-local variants

Scientific Committe

Zurab Berezhiani (Univ. L'Aquila & ETH Zurich), Denis Comelli (INFN Ferrara), Cédric Deffayet (IAP Paris), Alexander Dolgov (NSU, Univ. & INFN Ferrara), Mario Novello (CBPF/ICRA Rio de Janeiro), Alexei Starobinsky (LITP Moscow), Roland Triay (CPT Aix Marseille Univ.)

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