A. Crépieux
Assistant professor HDR
Aix-Marseille University
PhD students
Redouane ZAMOUM (2010-2013)
Thesis title: Theoretical studies of current fluctuations, admittance and density of states in interacting nano-systems
Supervisor: A. CREPIEUX

Marine GUIGOU (2006-2009)
Thesis title: Theoretical studies of finite size effects and screening effects by a STM tip in Luttinger liquids
Supervisor: A. CREPIEUX

♦ Alexandre POPOFF (2005-2008)
Thesis title: Transport in nanostructures in the presence of electronic correlations: equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium currents
Supervisor: T. MARTIN

♦ Thanh Kim Thi NGUYEN (2004-2007)
Thesis title: Couping between two mesoscopic systems towards the measurement of noise
Supervisors: T. MARTIN and A.V. NGUYEN

♦ Marjorie CREUX (2004-2007)
Thesis title: Detection of high frequency current correlations with the help of a resonant circuit
Supervisor: T. MARTIN

Jörg WUNDERLICH (1998-2001)
Thesis title: Extraordinary Hall effect in multilayered magnetic films: Application to the study of magnetization reversal dynamics
Supervisors: P. BRUNO and C. CHAPPERT

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