École de Physique des Houches - Universite Joseph Fourier
workshop on

Data driven dynamical networks

September 26 - October 1st, 2010
Les Houches, France
organized by:
A. Barrat (CPT, Marseille, France),
C. Cattuto (ISI, Turin, Italy),
J.-F. Pinton (ENS Lyon, France),
W. Van den Broeck (ISI, Turin, Italy)

Context and Scope

The theme of the workshop revolves around the dynamics of complex networks and the recent advances in that field. Its goal is to bring together researchers at the forefront of this research activity across disciplines, focusing on the recent developments which have made large amounts of data available. The main topics of the workshop will be:

  • real-time measure of social interactions
  • characterisation, analysis and modeling of dynamical networks
  • dynamical processes on dynamical networks
  • visualization of dynamical networks
  • integration of online and offline social networks
  • applications in epidemiology, social sciences, and computer sciences


Invited speakers:

List of participants

Contributed Presentations


Provided on site for a global price of 365 euros per week, including meals (arrival on Sunday, Sep 26, afternoon, and departure on Friday, Oct 1st, afternoon). No additional registration is necessary, the workshop organizers will provide the list of attendees to the conference center. Payment will be made on site. See also the web site of the Les Houches conference center


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