Scientific Registration Form (Deadline April 4th, 2023)

Registrations are closed. The capacity of the accommodation being exceeded, the registration deadline had to be brought forward.

NB: Javascript must be activated on your browser in order to register. Do not use the characters percent (%), Tabulation (TAB) and Carriage Return (CR) in the fields of the application form. The starred fields* are mandatory.

The accompanying persons must not to register, their data have to be added to the form of the related participant.

Submitting your contribution is at this stage, but if you wish to submit it later, please contact Roland Triay (CPT) .

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About your staying in Cargese

This form concerns your stay during the workshop. All changes must be sent by email to R. Triay by the registration dead line.

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Your Attendance

To schedule your contribution, if you cannot attend the full period of the conference, could you please indicate your attendance in the following table:

Morning Afternoon
Sunday, April 23rd
Monday, April 24th
Tuesday, April 25th
Wednesday, April 26th
Thursday, April 27th
Friday, April 28th
Saturday, April 29th

If you do not submit a contribution, then skip the next section.

To submit a talk or a poster, please fill the appropriate fields

The submission deadline for your contribution is April 4th, 2023.

Contribution to a talk

Talk Title:


  • Roland Triay (CPT)

Contribution to a poster

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  • Roland Triay (CPT)

Moreover, an abstract is also required (booklet and refereeing):

  • retrieve this compressed folder;
  • write the abstract in LaTeX;
  • save your contribution into a folder (it must contain all the necessary files for compilation), with filename = F-I-T where
    • F=your family name,
    • I= firstname's initials,
    • T=type of contribution (T=Pl for plenary, T=Po for poster),
    e.g. "Einstein-A-Pl";
  • fill the appropriate form below for specifying the title (in LaTeX if required);
  • send your submission to the given email address with right subject : EC15 Abstract.

You will be informed on the chosen session in due course.

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Registration Fees

Registration fees amount to 240 euros (for PhD students 120 euros) : It corresponds to your financial contribution to the workshop organization, for the use of the services of the institute (secretariat, logistics, internet, amphitheater, ...).

The registration fee includes:

  • Bus service from/to Airport on Sunday, April 23th and Saturday, April 29th.


Registration fees must be paid by bank card prior to your arrival on the payment website at the tab "ET Future Cosmology", where you must first carry out a pre-registration. Then, you will receive an e-mail confirmation in order to continue the payment process.

NB: Click on tab "Prerecord" to pre-register (use a unique email address per person) and choose the registration fees amount (academic or PhD student). You will receive details by email to continue the payment process. If you can not use a bank card but prefer to do a bank transfer, you must request a purchase order (bon de commande) when filling the form.

Lodging and meals

The Cost of your staying in the IESC : it corresponds to your actual consumption (accommodation with breakfast, lunch, coffee break, welcome drink and banquet), for the duration of the conference (five days and six nights) it amounts :

Shared room (2 beds) 366.00 euros
Single room 426.00 euros
Accompanying person 252.00 euros
Without lodging at IESC 126.00 euros
Accompanying person without lodging at IESC 101.00 euros

  • Dinners are not part of the package, they are taken freely in the restaurants of the village or elsewhere.
  • For a complete estimate of the cost of your stay, you must add the cost of other expenses outside IESC (dinners, the boat / mountain trip and the transportation, excepted for the bus organized by IESC).
  • The stay is free for children under 4 years old.


Your staying in the IESC (lodging and lunches) must be paid on site at the Institute in €uros by Banking card.

Your lodging at the hotel or elsewhere than those managed by the institute have to be paid on site.

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