The Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques de Cargèse (IESC) is located 50 km north of Ajaccio and 2 km south the village of Cargèse, in a secluded and quiet place on the seashore of Corsica (also named the island of beauty).

IESC is an optimal place for scientific meetings. The staff, experienced in organization of academic events, provides the logistics of transfer from / to Ajaccio airport and accommodation of participants.

Cargèse is a pleasant village with considerable charm and of historic interest. It contains most of the services you may require, such as a post office, a bank (with ATM machine), restaurants, shops, a pharmacy and medical facilities, except for a travel agency and local public transportation. If you wish to make some tourism around, be advised that not all business accept payment by credit card. Hence, it is recommended to come with your cash, travellers cheques or/and French cheque book.

The village can be reached within a 20 minute walk from IESC. So it might be wise to wear comfortable walking shoes and to have a flashlight to make the walk easier by night.


The best way to go to Cargèse is to reach Ajaccio first, either by plane or by boat from the French/Italian coast. NGV (high speed boat) are available from Toulon, Nice and Livorno. It is strongly recommended to have your return travel arrangements already booked. Other routes are also possible, but complicated and time consuming. Among these, because of proximity to the Italian coast, it is common to choose a boat trip to Bastia followed by a train trip to Ajaccio, if you do not have a car.

airlines companies

shipping companies

transports in Corsica

  • Bus and Train | Service Ajaccio - Cargèse twice daily, except Sundays (Call Ajaccio central station tel: +33 (0)4 95 51 55 45)
  • Taxi (fare : day - night) — The Institute can book a taxi for you
  • Car rental at low rates is also possible through the Institute
  • By car from Ajaccio, follow direction "Calvi par la côte" (or alternatively "Calvi")


Participants are expected to arrive at IESC on Sunday, April 23th (after 18:00) and to leave their accomodation not later than Saturday, April 29th (before 9:00).

  • In order to share transport costs, means of transport (taxi or minibus) can be organized.
  • A proper logistics of transportation require you to communicate your arrival and departure time well in advance.
  • Information on accommodation will be posted at the main entrance of the IESC starting at 15:30.

The IESC bus service

Participants wishing to benefit from the bus service organized by the institute from / to Ajaccio airport are invited to book flights arriving at Ajaccio at around 17.30 and departing from Ajaccio around noon; additional information will be provided in due course.

  • Sunday, April 23th (departure time will be specified in due course).
    • The IESC bus is parked in the car park at Ajaccio airport. To reach it by leaving the baggage claim area, turn left and head for the exit walking along he checking area. It is identifiable by a poster (IESC) on the windshield.
    • It will stop respectively at Helios residences, IESC and the Cargese village. A hostess will inform participants about the location of their accommodation and will invite them to leave the bus at the appropriated moment.
    • Participants arriving by train or boat are invited to take the shuttle to joint the airport.
  • Saturday, April 29th (departure times will be specified in due course).
    • The IESC bus will depart from Place Saint Jean and stop at IESC for a little while before departing for Ajaccio Airport. Participants hosted at Helios residences are invited to join the IESC.

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