Hot topics in Modern Cosmology

Spontaneous Workshop XVI

September 1st – 7th, 2024, IESC Cargese, France

IESC Poster of the SW16

Spontaneous Workshop (SW) brings together specialists in particle physics, astrophysics and theoretical physics at the Institute of Scientific Studies of Cargèse (IESC) to exchange recent knowledge on Cosmology in a constructive atmosphere. The goal is to stimulate debate for generating innovative ideas on emerging issues. With this in mind, the number of participants is limited to 30-40 and the workshop program is based on an optimal number of concise presentations, with a sufficient discussion space to facilitate interactions between participants. Postdoctoral and PhD students are encouraged to participate.

In memory of Alexeï A. Starobinsky

Alexeï A. Starobinsky

It is with great sadness that we recently learned of the death of our colleague the academician Alexei Starobinsky and SW16 is dedicated to him.

Past events

This annual meeting has worked successfully since 2007. To show topics discussed in the previous sessions, click on the links below:

Callanques de Piana (Credit R.Triay)
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SW 13 SW 14 SW 15


Just keep in mind that :

  • SW differs from a traditional workshop in that the program is specified only two weeks before it starts, based on a selection of talks submitted by the participants.
  • The number of participants depends on the availability of IESC, which hosts another event at the same period of time, and might be less than 40.
  • IESC (or anyone else) will not contact you whatever reasons (accommodation,…). Beware of scams !
For more information please contact Roland Triay (CPT) – triay[at]

Workshop Schedule

  • Arrival on Sunday, September 1st around late afternoon
  • Departure on Saturday, Septembery 7th morning
  • The opening session on Monday
  • Lectures hours are 9:00 - 12:30 and 14:30 - 18:00
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